Heat Transfer Machine

The “Pengda” brand latest lower-feeding type multi-functional transfer printing machine is a printing machine suitable for transfer printing of wide fabrics, which is researched and developed by our company with reference to the technologies from Netherlands and actual work experiences of the customers. The machine is uniquely designed for its feeding system and compact-structured worktable, which brings effective solution to the difficult fabric feeding of the traditional roller and makes the wide jointed fabric being easily accessed to the machine, as the result, the reject rate is substantially reduced and the production cost of the customer is saved.

  • Adoption of roll-to-roll, three-release three-rolling-up structure with higher efficiency and less manpower as compared with that of traditional machine
  • The design of double-tier roller brings even better heat insulation, less power consumption and higher uniform output temperature on the surface
  • The use of adjustable pressure roller system may improve the color penetration and color depth on the objects to be printed
  • The use of unique feeding system brings effective solution to the difficult fabric feeding of the traditional roller, which can easily feed the wide jointed fabrics to the machine
  • The high-precision machining for the machine may avoid deviation of the woolen blanket
  • The use of tramegger type separating device brings even more accurate tension of the woolen blanket
  • This machine is also available with non-standard dimensions upon request of the customers.